Dream Builders Foundation Donations

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Youth Education
Dream Builders Foundation is committed to promoting the ideals of education as a fundamental cornerstone of youth development
and empowerment. Our investment is manifested through two avenues. The first is direct student support through the Foundation’s programs, initiatives, and scholarship opportunities. The second is our investment in organizations that seek to provide, expand, or promote opportunities for educational achievement or excellence.

Youth Leadership
It is vitally important to train and equip the youth of today for the leadership opportunities that will be present in their future. Dream Builders Foundation provides support to the organizations that foster individual growth, and develop youth leadership skills. We support the efforts to inspire and empower youth to a life dedicated to achievement and service.

Health and Welfare
Dream Builders Foundation supports the programs and organizations that seek to decrease negative health associated issues and/or promote practices that will promote longer life.

Community Empowerment
Dream Builders Foundation understands the need to leverage organizational and community resources to develop neighborhood capacity to enhance the quality of life for community residents. We seek to support those who remain committed to tackling the critical issues that threaten the general welfare of our communities.

Economic Empowerment
Job creation, financial literacy, and asset building are hallmarks of a strong society. Dream Builders Foundation supports the programs that give rise to the economic empowerment and growth of our communities.


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